Latham Astoria Fiberglass Pool For Sale in Birmingham, AL

Fiber Glass Pools For Sale in Birmingham, AL
Add a spa into your pool for the best of both worlds, the Astoria lets you create your own experience every time



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Features of Latham Pools:

  1. Elevated Swim Experience: Swim Up Seating provides a luxurious way to enjoy your pool, allowing partial submersion for effortless relaxation. With built-in benches and seats, it creates a delightful conversation area, often dubbed the "beverage bench" by our customers for unwinding with a favorite drink.

  2. Enhanced Accessibility: Multiple entry and exit points offer design flexibility for your pool and patio layout. Avoid limitations on pool positioning and cater to swimmers who may tire quickly, ensuring convenience and comfort for all.

  3. Inviting Wading Area: For full-body submersion or playful splashing, consider a fiberglass pool design with a spacious wading area. Offering more water depth than tanning ledges, it's perfect for relaxation or children's activities.

  4. Safety-Focused Design: Slip-resistant steps ensure secure pool entry for users of all ages, prioritizing safety without compromising convenience.

  5. Spa Retreat in Your Backyard: Indulge in total relaxation with a built-in spa, providing a serene escape from daily stress. Improve circulation and treat yourself to well-deserved "me time" in the comfort of your own backyard.

  6. Confidence in Quality: Latham products boast innovative features and meticulous manufacturing, backed by the industry's longest and strongest warranties. Trust in our commitment to superior performance and durability.

  7. Vibrant Color Technology: Experience the beauty of Crystite Colors, a premier color family in the fiberglass pool industry. Latham offers exclusive color options utilizing leading-edge Crystite Color Technology for lasting vibrancy and appeal.

  8. Robust Construction: Latham's Fiberglass Pools set the standard for strength with advanced construction techniques. Reinforced ribbing, carbon fiber, biaxial reinforcements, and ceramic-infused polyester combine to increase shell strength by 32%.

  9. Ready for Auto Cover: Ensure safety and ease of use with automatic pool covers. Open or close your cover with the push of a button, providing peace of mind and protection for loved ones and pets.

Available Options for Latham Pools:

  1. Personalized Tile Design: Elevate your pool's aesthetic with waterline tile and mosaics, adding a personal touch to your aquatic oasis. Choose from a range of tile options for steps, floors, and perimeter areas, tailored to your preferences and style. Explore various layouts and designs with your Latham Independent Builder.

  2. Enchanting Bubblers: Enhance your pool experience with bubblers, adding a touch of elegance and allure to your water features. These discreet built-in elements require minimal water and offer economical operation, available for all fiberglass pool models, tanning ledges, and fountain pans.

  3. Effortless Cleaning with Automatic Vacuums: Make pool maintenance a breeze with automatic vacuum options designed specifically for Latham Fiberglass Pools. Consult your Latham Independent Builder to find the ideal model for your needs.

  4. Captivating Cascades: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls originating from the coping of your Latham Pool. Choose from a variety of sizes and quantities to create invigorating and visually stunning water features tailored to your pool's size and landscape.

  5. Customizable Spillways: Customize your pool's spillways to your liking, selecting widths and quantities according to your preferences. Avoid generic, pre-made spillways and opt for the flexibility and elegance of Latham Pool designs.

  6. Illuminating Lighting Options: Extend your pool and spa enjoyment into the evening with a selection of lighting styles and brands. Create the perfect ambiance for your late-night retreat with lighting options tailored to your preferences.

  7. Luxurious Tanning Ledges: Transform your pool into a luxurious retreat with tanning ledges, offering resort-style relaxation in the comfort of your backyard. Customize the depth of your tanning ledge and enhance it with ledge loungers, bubblers, and your favorite beverages for the ultimate indulgence.

Latham Astoria Fiberglass Pool Dimensions

Lengths, widths and depths may vary up to 3%.  Measurements are to widest point on each side of the outside edge. Unless indicated otherwise, pools are non-diving and use of diving equipment is prohibited.

Max Depth
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