Pool Amenities Birmingham, Alabama

With imagination, there is no limit to the possibilities for your luxury pool and entertaining area. We can help you design and build the poolscape of your dreams.

  • Spa additions
  • Custom water features - waterfalls, water fountains, water jets
  • Rock features
  • Grottos and caves
  • Beach entry, benches
  • Custom pool slide
  • Swim-up bar
  • Lighting – accent, colored, LED, solar
  • Solar powered equipment
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Fire features – fire bowl, fire pit, fireplace
  • Custom decking

In Birmingham, call Elite Pool Services 205-490-1385 . Our swimming pool designers are looking forward to speaking with you. We will help you create your own bit of paradise.

Salt Water Pools Birmingham, Alabama

Salt vs. Chlorine

There are advantages and disadvantages with both chlorine and salt systems. The answer will be which choice works best for you and for your pool.

Chlorine Pools

Chlorine may act faster to clean bacteria in the water. Chlorinated pools will recover from pH or bacteria problems quicker than the saltwater systems. Chlorine is not as harsh on the metal and chrome in the pool.

Saltwater Pools

The advantages of a Saltwater pool system include:

  • Less maintenance
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Softer feeling water – better for skin and hair
  • Lower chlorine levels mean less burning and stinging of eyes
  • Not as harsh on swimsuits, less fading

Most of the disadvantages of a saltwater pool come from converting from chlorine to saltwater as opposed to designing a saltwater pool. Salt can be corrosive. This will affect anything in the pool or anything that gets splashed by the saltwater. Salt doesn’t evaporate or leave. A white film of salt can develop. Although the maintenance of the saltwater pool will be easier, if the pool does have a problem it will take longer to return to normal.

To get the most from a saltwater system, design your new pool salt tolerant features. Call Elite Pool Services 205-490-1385 to discuss your new saltwater pool or conversion of your existing pool. We have the experience and knowledge needed for all your swimming pool needs in the Birmingham area.

Swimming Pool Pump Repair

The pump is the “heart” of the pool’s circulation system. All the water circulates through the pump at some time.  To keep your “heart” healthy, make sure the strainer basket is kept clean. Depending on the time of year and debris, the strainer basket may need to be cleaned several times a week or as little as once a month. If debris passes through the strainer basket it can clog the water flow. Clean out the clog immediately. Always unplug the pump when working with internal parts.

There are many parts associated with a pool pump.


Pool Maintenance Birmingham, Alabama

Pool Maintenance is part unseen and part seen. It is easy to see leaves or debris floating or sinking in the water. It is more difficult to keep the water crystal clear, clean and balanced.

There are 3 main objectives in pool maintenance:

  1. Sanitizing pool water
  2. Filter cleaning
  3. Pool cleaning

There is a delicate balance of the chemicals in your pool.

Keeping this balance may include a weekly check on:

  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Total Chlorine
  • pH (Potential Hydrogen)
  • pH Factor
  • Salt Content
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Water Hardness (Calcium)
  • Temperature as it relates to pH Factor Calculation
  • Stabilizer / Conditioner
  • Total Dissolved Solids

All pool equipment should be checked to make sure working properly:

  • Skimmer baskets
  • Pump strainer baskets
  • Sweep finger screen / wall screen
  • Valves
  • Filter backwashing
  • Sweep debris bags
  • Sweep operation checked

Pool cleaning is the visible part of our pool maintenance.

As a part of our pool cleaning, we:

  • Brush walls and steps
  • Brush spa
  • Hose Vacuum
  • Leaf Vacuum
  • Net clean pool surface and pool bottom

We are your dependable and experienced pool maintenance company for the Birmingham Metro area. Call Elite Pool Services 205-490-1385.

Pool Decks Birmingham, Alabama

The pool decks are used for everything from strolling around the pool to socializing to sunning and sleeping. Your deck design can be almost as important and the pool design. For entertainment purposes, you don’t want to have a deck that is too small to accommodate your guests. The deck ties the pool to the landscape. The deck area can be free form or very structured. No matter the shape, it should complement the pool and landscape.

Although there can be a wide range of differences in prices,  a deck can be 20% of the pool price.

One thing you don’t want to do is to burn your feet on the concrete deck. Kool Deck is a concrete topping that makes the deck appearance more attractive and the feel more comfortable. Out expert pool designers can help you build the pool and deck of your dreams.

If your deck doesn’t have the Kool Deck coating, or if it needs repair or renovating, call Elite Pool Services in the Metro Birmingham area. (205) 490-1385.

Swimming Pool Design

Pool designs, like fashion, have fads that come and go. Choose a pool that will suit your needs and that you can love for the rest of your life.

If you had to choose a few words to describe your future poolscape, what would they be?

  • Peaceful
  • Stimulating
  • Exciting
  • Extravagant
  • Secluded
  • Entertaining
  • Tasteful
  • Tropical
  • Natural
  • Elegant
  • Traditional
  • Family-oriented
  • Inviting

By defining the pool experience you want, we can determine how best to achieve the results for you.

Pool Shape

The pool shape sets the design tone of your poolscape. Some of the popular shapes are:

  • Rectangle
  • Kidney bean
  • Geometric
  • Free form
  • Custom designed shape


Swimming Pool Builder

Elite Pool Services is your swimming pool building expert for the Metro Birmingham area. No matter which kind of pool you choose, they all start and end the same.

Starting building a swimming pool:

  • The team at Elite Pool Services will come to the site to carefully survey and mark where the pool will go.
  • Carefully dig out the area


Swimming Pool Renovations Birmingham, Alabama

When the time comes and your current swimming pool nees more than swimming pool service or repair, it is time to consider swimming pool renovation. Elite Pool Services is an expert in swimming pool renovations, we will work with you to make your pool look amazing again. 

Elite Pool Services does several pool remodelings per year. Most our Birmingham commercial and residential customers ask for re-plastering Gunite/Concrete swimming pools. Many require tile replacement, pump repair, deck replacement, vinyl replacement and so on. No job is too small or too big, we can do it all.

No matter which kind of pool you choose, some renovations are common to them all. Those prices would be comparable. Some renovations are specific to one pool such as plastering or liner replacement.

Types of Swimming Pool Renovations

Gunite Pool Renovations| Concrete Pool Renovations

  • Re-plastering
  • Tile Replacement
  • Coping Replacement
  • Deck Replacement
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting

Fiberglass Pool Renovations

  • Tile Replacement
  • Coping Replacement
  • Deck Replacement
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting

Vinyl Liner Pool Renovations

  • Liner Replacement    
  • Coping Replacement
  • Deck Replacement
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting

Spa Renovations

  • Re-plastering
  • Tile Replacement
  • Coping Replacement
  • Deck Replacement
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting

Getting Started

Call Elite Pool Services (205) 490-1385 for your initial pool consultation. Tell us about the pool of your dreams. Gather the photos or pages torn from magazines that you have been filing away for this special project.
What do you see in the future for your pool? An intimate setting for your small family, large family reunions, office party, or the baseball team?

What amenities are important for your piece of paradise? Fountain, swim bar, waterfall, spa, island, grotto, the list of possibilities can be endless. Budget and space may be the only restraints.

If you are unsure of what you want, we have product brochures and a photo gallery for ideas. Your pool’s design may dictate the kind of in-ground pool you choose.

We will discuss several issues to help in selecting your pool:

  • Price – What price range will work with your budget?
  • Maintenance requirement of the different type pools. What will this kind of pool cost in routine maintenance? What kind of renovation costs should I expect?
  • Saltwater pool – this option should be considered initially because it will affect design and installation.

When we visit your property, we will take measurements, look at the lay of the land, make note of possible problems, and discuss placement.

With our calculations, your wish list, and a great 3-D design program, we can bring your virtual oasis to life. Our program will show the pool, deck and even the landscaping.

In Birmingham, Alabama call Elite Pool Services to get started 205-490-1385. Our swimming pool experts are looking forward to speaking with you.

Spa Repair, Renovations, Installation Birmingham, Alabama

Whether you attach your spa to a pool or keep it separate, it can give you hours of relaxation. A custom spa will be your private retreat to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. No matter if you have aching and tired muscles or just a weary mind, a spa is the medicine you need. Maybe you don’t have a place large enough for a pool but there is always room for a spa.

Call Elite Pool Services 205-490-1385  to start the design of your spa. We are you custom spa experts in Birmingham.

Spa Renovation

Your gunite spa is built to last for a lifetime just like your gunite pool. If your spa is attached to or part of your swimming pool you will want to renovate them at the same time.

Renovations could include:

  • Re-plastering would involve complete removal of all old plaster to ensure proper bonding of the new plaster. Elite Pool Services will not apply new plaster over the old.
  • Tile Replacement – Your spa can easily be updated with a new design or color of tile.
  • Coping Replacement – Coping visually ties the pool & spa to the deck. We will replace broken or dated coping. Changing the coping material can freshen and update your spa. New options might include brick, stone or concrete.
  • Deck Replacement – Update your deck with new stone, brick or concrete pavers, as well as poured concrete.
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade – Get that salt system and automation for your maintenance ease.
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting – Add fountains, deck jets and mood lights to round-out your swimming experience.

Vinyl liner

A vinyl liner pool is constructed of either steel or polymer wall panels, over which a quality vinyl liner is installed. Depending on the pattern, liners come in 20 mil and 27 mil thickness. We use 27mil for its strength and durability whenever possible.


A vinyl liner pool is economical. You can get in to a beautiful pool for as low as $20,000. Although vinyl pools offer many different sizes, there are not a lot of different shapes. You can express your creativity with the liner design and color, plus the coping and deck. Liner patterns, by Tara, are available to suit your designer needs.

With a vinyl liner pool, the liner will need to be replaced every 7-10 years due to weather and chemical deterioration.  The pool itself should give you 30 years of splashing fun.

Elite Pool Services

A fiberglass pool is made from a pre-formed fiberglass shell which is dropped into a prepared hole. There are many different sizes and shapes with the fiberglass pools but it is not the choice if you want to create your own design shape.  Fiberglass pools have many plusses though. They are quicker and easier to install. You could be swimming in your fiberglass pool in only a few weeks.

Fiberglass pools are durable and can last almost as long as a gunite pool without the need of refinishing. Fiberglass is eco-friendly. It a natural insulator which means less heating costs. We can get you into a custom fiberglass pool, starting around $25,000. With added options and extras, you can express your creativity in your own oasis.


Gunite pools

Gunite Pool Builder Birmingham

Gunite swimming pools are different from poured concrete pools that require wooden framework. Even thought there is diference in technology, some people still call them concrete pools in Birmingham, Alabama. A gunite pool starts with a rebar skeleton over which gunite, a concrete mixture, is sprayed. For the finish, we use Diamond Brite, a quartz-based plaster, which gives the concrete a smooth, durable surface. Plaster comes in a variety of colors to further your pool’s individual style. The plaster finish has been compared to icing on the cake. A light blue plaster can give a tropical or exotic appearance. The plaster color may be coordinated with the tile chosen to go around the inside perimeter.

If you want an unusual or unique pool, gunite is the way to go because it accommodates creativity in design. Gunite pools are extremely durable and versatile. They have a typical life span of at least 50 years. With all of the gunite pool’s possibilities, come a wide range of prices. A small gunite pool could start at approximately $35,000. From there, the sky is the limit!

A gunite poolscape can take up to 12 weeks to complete depending on the pool size, extra features, and deck.


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