Gunite Pool Transformation - Warrior, Alabama
Tuesday, 20 June 2023  /  by Elite Pool Service

Gunite Pool Transformation - Warrior, Alabama

Revitalizing in Warrior: A Pool Transformation Story

Pool renovations can be just as transformative as new installations. This project in Warrior, Alabama, is a perfect example of how Elite Pool Services breathed new life into an old, damaged liner pool, transforming it into a modern, stylish gunite pool.

Gunite Pool: A Reinvention from Within

Replacing the existing liner pool with a gunite pool wasn't just a facelift; it was a complete transformation. Gunite pools offer unparalleled durability and design versatility, making it the ideal choice for this rejuvenation project. The newly installed gunite pool serves as a modern, resilient feature that accentuates the property's aesthetics and usability.

The Silver Travertine Decking: An Elegant Upgrade

Decking plays a significant role in the overall visual appeal and functionality of a pool area. For this project, we installed 2200 sq/ft of Silver Travertine decking. This natural stone offers a beautiful, timeless finish and excellent durability, making it the perfect accompaniment to the new gunite pool.

All-New Pool Equipment and Plumbing

A pool's functionality relies heavily on its equipment and plumbing. All new equipment and plumbing systems were installed to ensure the pool operates efficiently. This upgrade not only extends the pool's longevity but also enhances the overall swimming experience.

Adding Fun with a Typhoon Slide

To ramp up the fun factor, a Typhoon slide was incorporated into the pool design. It offers an exciting element for both kids and adults, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the swimming pool experience.

The Completed Pool Transformation in Warrior, Alabama

The completion of this pool renovation in Warrior, Alabama, resulted in a visually stunning, highly functional, and fun-filled outdoor space for the homeowner to enjoy. It's a testament to Elite Pool Services' commitment to revitalizing spaces through expert pool services. Browse through our gallery to see the transformation process and the impressive end result.


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