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Whether you attach your spa to a pool or keep it separate, it can give you hours of relaxation.

A custom spa will be your private retreat to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

No matter if you have aching and tired muscles or just a weary mind, a spa is the medicine you need.

Maybe you don’t have a place large enough for a pool but there is always room for a spa.

Call Elite Pool Services 205-490-1385  to start the design of your spa. We are your custom spa experts in Birmingham.

Spa Renovation

Your gunite spa is built to last for a lifetime just like your gunite pool. If your spa is attached to or part of your swimming pool you will want to renovate them at the same time.

Renovations could include:

  • Re-plastering would involve complete removal of all old plaster to ensure proper bonding of the new plaster. Elite Pool Services will not apply new plaster over the old.
  • Tile Replacement – Your spa can easily be updated with a new design or color of tile.
  • Coping Replacement – Coping visually ties the pool & spa to the deck. We will replace broken or dated coping. Changing the coping material can freshen and update your spa. New options might include brick, stone or concrete.
  • Deck Replacement – Update your deck with new stone, brick or concrete pavers, as well as poured concrete.
  • Equipment and Plumbing Upgrade – Get that salt system and automation for your maintenance ease.
  • Installing New Water Features and Lighting – Add fountains, deck jets and mood lights to round-out your swimming experience.

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